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How To Create Seller Account On Amazon?

Amazon Selling online on Amazon is an easy and effective way to reach millions of potential buyers. Whether you have to sell a little or sell a lot, Amazon provides you the required tools and services to sell online successfully. Simple Process to Sell on Amazon 1. Register your Seller Account: To become an Amazon seller, […]

Flipkart Account Management Services – Elevate Your Online Business Experience

Flipkart offers a range of services to its sellers, including account management services. These services are designed to help sellers manage their accounts and scale their businesses. The services include end-to-end account management, payment reconciliation, integrated accounting services, advertising, cataloging, imaging, and more. In addition, Flipkart offers Paid Account Management (PAM) services to help sellers […]

How to Register as a Seller on Shopsy?

To register as a seller on Shopsy, you can follow these steps: Download the Shopsy Seller Hub App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Create an account using your phone number and email address. Once you have created an account, select the “Sell on Shopsy” option in your account settings. Provide your […]

How to register as a seller on ajio?

In the ever-expanding landscape of e-commerce, venturing into the world of AJIO as a seller is a strategic move. Navigating the straightforward registration process on the Ajio Seller Central website is the initial step towards unlocking access to a diverse Indian market. With clear steps, varied business models, and transparent fees, AJIO provides an ideal […]

How to Register as a Seller on Meesho?

Meesho, founded in 2015 by IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, stands as a prominent Indian social e-commerce company. Operating on an extensive reseller network, Meesho allows eCommerce resellers to thrive. Buyers also have the option to make direct purchases from sellers. The platform has gained significant popularity among sellers and consumers, particularly […]

How to run successful ads on Myntra

Myntra is a popular online fashion and lifestyle store in India. To run successful ads on Myntra, you can use the platform’s Search Advertising Property (PLA and List Ad Banners). Here are some steps to get started: Create a search advertising campaign: Myntra has introduced two types of search advertising properties: Product Listing Ads (PLA) […]

Boosting Your Amazon Sales: 5 Effective Strategies

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, where millions of sellers compete for customers’ attention. If you’re an Amazon seller, you understand the challenges of standing out in this crowded marketplace. To be successful, you need a solid strategy to increase your sales and maximize your profits. In this blog post, […]

Are Social Media Platforms pulling away a large section of shoppers from Amazon for the first shopper search experience?

In the last couple of decades, e-Commerce has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments of the global economy and Amazon has been the global star of this growth journey. However, recent developments indicate that a significant chunk of new age shoppers is shifting to Social Media such as TikTok as its entry point […]

Social Commerce is a Good Opportunity for Business Growth.

Majorly two social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are providing a complete ecosystem for the business to grow. But time to time changes in the functioning of these social media platforms creates an impact. This update is done to improve user experience on Instagram which is impactful for businesses but meta confirms that businesses will […]

Online Marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart under the lens after the toy industry was raided by government quality control departments.

The toy market is going through a major change, a recent development in which BIS ( Bureau of Indian Standards ) conducted a massive raid that led to the seizure of 18,000 toys across India. Many major toy stores such as Hamleys, and Archie’s, were raided for quality standards. In January 2021, BIS made an […]

Ecommerce Store V/s Marketplace: Things you need to know to grow in 2023

E Commerce is an ever-changing industry, day by day more and more customers are getting onboard to boost the growth of the Ecommerce business especially in India. But with an increasing market , a raging force of competition is also scaling. The main battle for new consumers is taking place between Ecommerce Stores and the […]

Everything a new seller needs to know to list products on Amazon!

Everything a new seller needs to know to list products on Amazon! Amazon being the biggest marketplace in the world and now spreading its reach each day at the door steps of Indian households, has become the most trusted online shopping portal. This has emerged as the greatest opportunity for new sellers to increase their […]

Amazon.in Fee Changes

Did you check your revised Amazon commission? Amazon India recently changed the referral fees for more than 82 categories. How is it going to affect your overall profitability on the platform? Let us know in the comments. Happy Selling!

Different types of Amazon badges you should aspire for!

Different types of Amazon badges you should aspire for! How to leverage Amazon badges to boost your sales! Amazon being the biggest platform in the world for selling and purchasing products has made a huge impact in the Indian market as well. The platform provides amazing opportunities for the new sellers to increase their visibility […]

How to advertise on Myntra?

Learn why Myntra’s Search Advertising Property (PLA and List Ad Banners) is the latest opportunity for all Indian sellers to increase their online sales Introduction of Myntra Over the years myntra has emerged as a promising platform for fashion and accessories. It has managed to create a special bond with its customers by delivering good […]

Career In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is reaching out and engaging with your customers through digital media such as laptops, mobiles, or tablets. It is about promoting your brand, interacting through digital media, and advertising, maintaining different campaigns, attracting leads, and then selling your products. All these happen digitally because the world is transforming to Digital! Most people know […]

Flipkart Programs

Flipkart Brand Gate Flipkart Brand Gate To protect the brand from infringemnet/Mapping. To enroll in Brand Gate, you will need: Seller have their own Trademark and Raise a case fo this. Documents required: Trademark

Amazon Programs

Amazon Transparency Amazon Project Zero Amazon Launchpad Amazon Saheli Amazon Karigar Amazon Local Shop Amazon Transparency Protects your brand and customers from counterfeits. Proactive counterfeit protection Amazon has implemented Transparency checks to proactively prevent counterfeits of Transparency-enabled products from reaching customers. Authenticity verification by customers Transparency allows any customer to authenticate any Transparency-enabled product, regardless […]

Seller Registration on DealAmaze

DealAmaze India’s one of the fastest growing E-commerce Market place to provide shoppers reliable and friction less commerce Eco-system that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers. Selling on DealAmaze Marketplace is Very Easy! Selling online on DealAmaze is an easy and effective way to reach millions of potential buyers. Whether you have to sell […]

Club Factory: A New Challenger in the Indian e-commerce Arena

In India, Flipkart, Amazon, ShopClues, Snapdeal, and Myntra are considered top 5 e-commerce companies. However, of late, a new entrant is making a lot of buzz – Club Factory. Although, Club Factory has been operating in India since 2016, it recently gained the spotlight when it announced that it will charge 0% commission from its […]

Pricing Products on Amazon, Flipkart and Other Marketplaces!

When it comes to retail, pricing is one of the most important decisions (if not THE most important decision). And it has become way more important with the rise of e-tail marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and others. While these platforms have expanded potential customer reach for sellers multiple times, they have also significantly increased competition […]

How to increase sales on Amazon?

While Amazon is a great platform for selling online, the stiff competition and the tools at disposal can easily overwhelm the beginners and experienced sellers alike.In this article, we try to demystify the formula of increasing sales on Amazon. This approach will help you boost your sales not only on Amazon but on other marketplaces […]

5 ways to get Amazon Buy Box early and increase your sales!

If you are new to selling on Amazon, you must be overwhelmed by the lingo Amazon and it’s seller community uses. Out of all the terms that you will familiarize yourself with over time, Buy Box remains the single most important term that you must understand if you are really interested in making some serious […]

How to remove Negative feedback on Amazon?

What is Seller Feedback? We live in a time where customer reviews can make or break a business. And the buyer has more opportunities than ever before to let their voice be heard! But we are all aware of the universal truth (no matter what kind of business you have) is that angry customers are […]

Starting an E Commerce Business?

#Account #Management makes everything better. Sustaining the business on the #ecommerce platform is the new challenge the marketplace is now facing. The communication gap between the buyer-seller is well understood by us and we at #Bridge2Businessproactively strive for continuous engagement of customers to protect your business from any disputes. The performance of the account is continuously gauged and adequate course […]

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