Intellectual property rights enables sellers to get a kind of protection from other sellers who generally use their information to gain benefit.This hampers the sellers performance of the right owner.
But Amazon has given opportunities to sellers that if they face any kind of mapping work without their approval,they have full right to file infringement.This infringement filing is done by the right owners so that they could stop their brand/product getting used.In this case Amazon will prevents other sellers to sell the mapped products and will pull down their ASINS.

Sellers have given this benefit too but they generally fail to understand how it should be done. Our experts handle these cases and help sellers to file infringement successfully and also inform them about the activities happening on their products.

At the same time, we also handle seller accounts where infringement is supposed to be removed by submitting a POA (Plan Of Action).

What is IPR in Amazon?

  • PR stand for Intellectual Property Rights.This policy provides an overview and common IP concerns that might arise when selling on amazon. As a seller, it is very important for them to understand as in how they must comply with Amazon policies applicable to their products and product listings

  • You may not violate the IP rights of brands or other rights owners.Violating this policy may result in loss of selling privileges or other legal consequences.

  • There are three type of IP rights
  • Copyright
  • Trademar
  • Patents

  • If you receive a notice or warning for infringement and you believe the rights owner or Amazon made an error, you may appeal or dispute the claim.

  • If you have received multiple warnings of IP infringement and you believe you are selling non-infringing products, submit an appeal via Seller Central with the relevant information.
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